composer for video games and content creators

Hi! I've been creating original music for video games, animations, and content creators as my full-time job since 2017.
My passion lies in peaceful, soothing music, from hopeful to melancholic gentle sonorities.
I work closely with video game studios, streamers, content creators, and webtoon artists to create background music, animation/trailer scores, original songs, and more, fully original to enhance each story.It's time to express with sounds what we cannot express other ways, together!

Affordable (and freebies!) audio assets for streamers & content creators are now available on my Ko-fi shop


Take a listen to some client projects I've recently completed.


Samples of my latest music for video games.My style blends wholesome elements with deep emotional sonorities, perfect for chill games in the style of Stardew Valley or Minecraft, but also with elements of RPGs like The Legend of Zelda.


Music to think about life with a cup of coffee with the fall of rain. Perfect for history-driven games like Dear Esther, Life is Strange, or Firewatch.


To evoke the flavor of magic, unreal worlds and their fantastic characters and environments. Perfect for that JRPG Style of games like Hollow Knight or Xenoblade Chronicles.


“Working with Tomás couldn't have been any easier! He produced a beautiful soundtrack for Polyville Canyon that really sets the tone for the whole game: peaceful and relaxing. I am extremely happy with what Tomás has done and highly recommend him for any of your game dev needs.“

Henagames - Music for Video Games


“Very good to work with- he went the extra mile to make sure he could provide the best service possible.“

Peace Island Dev - Music for Video Games


“Tomás was amazing to wortk with. With his beautiful music, he brought a unique character to our adventure game. Every composition was created with love and care for our project. I couldn't wish for a better workflow and an overall experience.“

Anna Mimik (KAPIA developer) - Music for Video Games



Since I was a kid, I've considered myself a storyteller on my mind, with inspiration from films, TV shows and video games. With time, I discovered I wanted to tell my histories through sound, since it's the only way I've found to express myself on a deep level.It was just a matter of time for my passion for music and visual media to intermingle, and I discovered that I can enhance with audio the different stories that people want to share with the world.If you want to fill your world whether it is with music or sounds, contact me and we'll make an awesome experience working together.


I'm here to enhance your vision through music & sounds, no matter the medium, the genre or the context. A top-quality audio experience is always an important part of an unforgettable work of art, something that people will never forget, and definitely something they're going to buy.


― A game developer in need of custom music or sound design.
― A film director looking for music that syncs and fits perfectly with the mood of your project.
― A trailer producer for video games, films, TV shows or commercials that needs a killer soundtrack that attracts attention.
― A podcast/streamer/content creator in need of an intro & outro piece of music that represents your personality and content.

Then you've come to the right place!

If you're also tired of dealing with doubtful contractors that don't communicate with you and/or your team and doesn't present as a co-worker, but a mere employee without putting their soul into a life project, I'm the right fit for you.Finally, if you're ready, just send me an email, or don't hesitate to contact me on any social media page, and tell me about your project. You will receive a full custom offer, all clarified from the beginning, and if we're a great fit, we will make marvelous things together.


I have received over 50 positive reviews for my work composing, producing and arranging music.
Read all the reviews by clicking here


Working with Tomás couldn't have been any easier! He produced a beautiful soundtrack for Polyville Canyon that really sets the tone for the whole game: peaceful and relaxing. I am extremely happy with what Tomás has done and highly recommend him for any of your gamedev needs!Tim - Henagames (Polyville Canyon)


This is my second time working with Thomás. He composed the music way before the expected time. People in the community have been going crazy over his compositions for the game Brocula. Will definitely work with him again.Prateek Jadhwani (Brocula)


This guy is very good at his job. He was able to take lyrics alone, and compose an entire choral & orchestral piece around them.Peace Island LLC (Peace Island)


Tomás was amazing to wortk with. With his beautiful music, he brought a unique character to our adventure game. Every composition was created with love and care for our project. I couldn't wish for a better workflow and an overall experience.Anna Mimmik from 2FOR2 (KAPIA)


I was so impressed by the level of communication and talent! He took the vision I had and made it even better than I could've imagined. Thank you Tomas!Olivia Merth


I was needing to bring a poem alive in form a anthem. Tomas did a great job!!! fast and easy to work with him. you can contact him before any job for more details. 100% recommended.John Tamayo

Selected Credits

Video Games

Bread & Fred

Music Composer

A challenging co-op platformer with a beautiful pixel-art style that's gonna make you jump off your seat. To stop you from having a heart attack I'm doing some soothing, atmospheric wintery music to listen to when you need a break!


Music Composer

KAPIA post-apocalyptic and the quirky world was represented musically by a blend of live orchestral instruments, percussion, and subtle, atmospheric synths/electronic elements that makes you company as you unravel the mysteries of the dome


Music Composer

Wanderlost is a survival game in a zombie world, but its cute pixel art makes it for a more chill scape, so the music it's very soothing and wants to make you relax as you kill zombies with your shotgun, such a unique contrast it's one of the highlights of this game!


― Bread and Fred (Steam) / SandCastles Studios / Apogee Entertainment - Composer
― Song of the Prairie (Steam) / Droplet Studio - Composer *
― Tsuki Adventure 2 (Mobile Game) - Composer *
― Beep's Adventure / Craig - Composer
― Littlelands (Steam) - Rafael Martín*
― Loftia (Steam) - Composer


― Ties (PC, Nintendo Switch) / North Tokyo Games - Composer *
― Wanderlost (PC) / Eli Segal / Cryptivo - Lead Composer (Feat. Alex Melancon) *
― KAPIA (PC) / 2FOR2 - Lead Composer (Feat. Filip Horvat & Mikel Dale)
― Brocula (PC) - Composer *
― Research Story / CosyCatGames - Trailer Music, Sound Design *
― Dissension (PC) / Disguised Games - Composer *
― Hanako's Flower Shop / Fantaji Games - Additional Music *
― Spellscribe / Ben Windley - Composer *
― Rainboy / Seallliogames - Composer *
― Beep's Adventure / Craig - Composer, Sound Design *


― A New Leaf: Memories (PC, Switch, XBOX, PS5) / IronHeart Studios - Kickstarter Trailer Music *
― Demon Legend (PC) / Blood Oath Games - Sound Design (Feat. Heedo Woo)
― FireSword (Google Play) / Serendipia Games - Additional Music
― Saga of the Moon Priestess (PC) / Pixel Trash - Additional Music, Music Pack
― Polyville Canyon (PC) / Henagames - Composer

*- forthcoming project

Game Sountracks

The best and most direct way to support me is by buying my music on Bandcamp. Clicking on an album cover will take you to its Bandcamp page, where you can listen to it completely on your browser for free.Finally, streaming services is a legitimate way to support me.

Original Albums



all prices in USD and subject to change
(last updated 4.26.23)
Please read the T.O.S below if you're interested in working with me

Musical skeb

Length: 0:30 ~ 1:00

a short music piece based on a concept/image/text reference, without revisions!Specialties include: piano, soft orchestral


  • +75% of the price per each additional 0:30 ~ 1:00


Length: 0:30 ~ 1:30

Loopable, tranquil songs ideal for use while chatting on-stream. Subtle and soothing to not compete with the streamer's voice.Specialties include: piano, atmospheric, fantasy, soft orchestral


  • +75% of the price per each additional 0:30 ~ 1:00

Character / Episodic theme

Length: 1:30 ~ 3:00

Higher complexity music, suitable as a theme song for stream starting/stream ending or webtoon/comic episodesSpecialties include: piano, fantasy, orchestral, soft hybrid, world


  • +75% of the price per each additional 0:30 ~ 1:00

  • +$80 to mix in vocals by you (can be lyrics or adlibs)

Video game Music

Length: Varied per project

Loopable, or non-loopable music specialized in enhancing gameplay and atmosphere of your project


  • Dynamic music (please contact me)

Sync Music to picture

Length: Varied per project

Custom instrumental that matches the exact timing of your animation, perfect for trailers and lore videos!


  • + 50% total price to add Sound Ambiances that match the style and context of the video (included mix and master of music + SFX for release)

Original Song

Length: Varied per project

Custom instrumental to record vocals over for an original song release


  • + $50/min for original lyrics

  • + $150 for an original vocal arrangement (includes: main melody, harmonies, recorded guides)

  • + $300 for a mix + master package (includes: timing + tuning + mixing your vocals into the song and mastering for release)

  • Consultation-based Commercial Use Fee and/or Royalty Split Agreement (for official release + distribution to music stores: spotify, apple music, bandcamp, youtube upload with monetization, etc)

Terms of service

  • I have the right to decline any project that I would not feel capable of achieving properly, or for any other reason(s) unspecified.

  • I required full payment upfront. A 50% upfront payment is available upon request, depending on the size of the project.

  • I accept payment in USD through Paypal, bank transfer (US), and USDT via Binance.

  • Once work has started, payment is non-refundable, Upon the sketch draft process, a 50% refund is possible. Any further progress will be non-refundable.

  • Please understand that I will NOT start any work before we have a mutual agreement and a contract signed by the two parties, as a show of good faith from both sides.

  • The average turnaround is anywhere between 10 - 30 days from starting and varies depending on many factors. I am less likely to accept your project if you have a deadline, so please keep this in mind. Also, my music usually features other musicians live playing so bear in mind that the recording work and getting the files back to me to do the final production phase could take 1-2 weeks more than what was anticipated in the first place, I take a great time and care with my work and am sure to deliver reasonable updates, so patience from the client is greatly appreciated.

  • If payment for any of the services I provide is late, a 10% additional fee will be added for every month past due.

  • When using the work in any content, you must provide credit back to either my Twitter or website somewhere reasonably visible. It truly helps artists more than you may know! (example: VGM by Tomás Palazzi)

  • I keep the commercial rights to the music I produce unless stated otherwise in a written contract.

  • I reserve the right to publish any track I produce on Youtube and/or my website for portfolio purposes unless stated otherwise in a written contract.

During the process

There are 4 stages

  • Concept-Sketch: I do a short sample (around 30 seconds) based on your reference (music, visuals, animations, lyrics), this is the stage where a major revision/swift it's done if the first draft doesn't have the desirable result, we explore together different options until finding the correct music direction.

  • Production process: Once the concept is accepted, I will work on the full length of the track, at the end of this process, I will send you a Mock-up of the final track (Note: major revisions/changes are not allowed at this point unless you pay a 10% price fee, please take into account that at this point, I already invest at least 10-12 hours of work, doing music can get complexed!.

  • Team-work fairy dust: I usually put in my music live instruments even for fairly electronic sound palettes, so I bring live musicians/players to play the parts that I compose with samples in the accepted final mock-up, to record and bring the music to an all another level of awesomeness, bear in mind that I work with top musicians from all over the world (some of them also recorded in some of the more praise video game soundtracks of recent years), with their own schedule, and although they usually work fairly quick, it's still some process that takes time and that not depend entirely by me, timewise all these details are gonna be discussed between us beforehand and I'm gonna keep you updated during all the process, please let us take our time to fulfill the music to its full potential!

  • Final touch: Once I have the recordings, I will do the final 20% of mixing and mastering, so you will have a file with beautiful music and with competitive and cohesive loudness, I will send you files in WAV and mp3, or any other format that you need (please let me know at the start of the work what are your format needs).

  • *Note: In some cases (minimalistic, ambient, or limited-budget music) the 3rd stage doesn't take place, in that case, the music can have a quicker turnaround!)

  • **Note: Minor revisions during the 2nd stage are totally okay, but if the changes are too drastic and end in the loss of a significant amount of the job already done, the same 10% fee would apply.

Allowed Usage/Copyright Information

  • Please DO NOT share work-in-progress or audio previews with the public (unless we agreed to this beforehand) as this can be very raw and different from a final master version.

  • You are granted a sync license to use the completed work in your games/videos/streams and content without copyright claims, however, I retain full rights and ownership, including the right to upload the finished work to my own sites/portfolio (Twitter, Spotify, etc.), commercially or non-commercially, for the purpose of showcasing my work.

  • If you’d prefer for me not to use your name/likeness in my portfolio, please let me know before starting the project.

  • For game developers, all portfolio/content showcases will be anonymous until a.) the game is published or b.) publicly used the work in your content.

  • The same applies to VTubers/Streamers/Content creators, all portfolio showcases will remain anonymous until you either a.) officially share the content/media that will use the music or b.) publicly used the work in your content.

  • In the case of video games, if you want to sell the soundtrack on Steam to add asset value to your project, I will still keep the revenue, and payment would be transferred upon reaching a threshold (of mutual agreement by both parties). If you want to keep revenue from the soundtrack on Steam, contact me, this is arranged on a case-by-case basis.

  • If you'd like to distribute the work to music services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), use it in media (games/film), etc: an additional full commercial use fee and/or royalty split agreement will apply depending on the desired usage.

  • Full commercial use fees start at 2x the price of the commission..



If you want a custom budget for your project, or just fancy a chat, I'd love to hear from you!
Discord ID: TomásPalazzi#6898